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Agile Development Conference WestOur very own agile advocate and DevOps guru, Jonathan Thorpe, is set to deliver an insightful presentation at Agile Development Conference West in Las Vegas, focused on the ‘Evolution of Agile.’ He’ll speak on Wednesday, June 5th at 3:45pm PT.

Agile development has evolved into a lifecycle that not only affects IT, but the overall business as well. Forward-thinking enterprises recognize this and benefit from the software efficiency that agile development delivers.

In Jonathan’s session, he’ll describe the evolution of agile and discuss why enterprises are feeling growing pains as the agile methodology grows from the IT department to the business level. He’ll use real-world examples and explain how businesses can improve their agile success and how successful global enterprises are applying the principles of agile development beyond just software development to a level where it affects entire business groups.

If you’re in Vegas, come see Jonathan present and learn how agile methodologies can be applied to business analysis, release management and other key IT processes to ensure applications are being delivered to customers on time and on budget.

To register for this event or to get more information, visit: http://adc-bsc-west.techwell.com/.

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Network Products Guide Awards I am very pleased to announce that Serena’s Release Automation tool has recently been named a winner in this year’s Network Products Guide Awards in the Application Delivery category. This award showcases our continued charge as a leader in the adoption of Release Management and DevOps. This is the third consecutive year that a Serena solution has been a part of the awards finalists’ circle and comes on the heels of last year’s win with our IT Service Manager product.

See the list of all the Network Products Guide category finalists and winners.

serena-devops-blog-icon_v4Have you heard the news?  Serena just launched a raft of new capabilities that help our customers embrace DevOps.  Release automation targets now include VMware ESX and ESXi, plus Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, to go along with an expansive existing set that includes Windows, Unix, Linux, Mainframe and Amazon’s cloud platform EC2.  Developers have great new self-service capabilities, now including environment provisioning.  And the capture and management of Change Request activity is darn near hassle-free.

Why is all this important?  Because DevOps is a rapidly mainstreaming approach to speeding up the pace of application enhancement.  Not just any applications, but mostly for Revenue Applications, those that customers use to directly transact with an enterprise.  RevApps are fundamental to how many industries go to market now, so the ability to rapidly evolve them becomes the ability to stay agile in the market.  Fail at that and not much else matters.

Serena has a long history helping enterprises with release management.  We also have a longer history than most at helping customers with modern release automation, and in thinking about how to embrace DevOps.  Our successful track record, combined with today’s announcement of the enhanced DevOps capabilities across Orchestrated IT 4.5, stands in contrast with recent announcements by CA Technologies and IBM.  Those two behemoths just bought their way into DevOps, marking the starting point for their learning curve and integration efforts.

Meanwhile we at Serena are marching along, building on our lead and helping customers successfully embrace DevOps, releasing more and better all along the way.

2013-Hot-FinalistI am very pleased to announce that another Serena solution has been recognized by the industry. This time our Serena Release Automation solution is in the spotlight for being named a finalist in Network Products Guide’s annual Hot Products Awards for the Application Delivery category. This is the third consecutive year that a Serena solution has been part of the awards finalists’ circle.

Stay tuned, winners will be announced on May 7, 2013 during an awards dinner and ceremony in Las Vegas.

See all of the Network Products Guide category finalists.

On another note, I’m also happy to share Serena is ranked #12 in the annual San Francisco Business Times’ Peninsula Software Companies list that came out last week.

Spring is here and we are definitely springing forward.

My recent post at WIRED Insights on the Evolution of RevApps is generating plenty of positive feedback.  People are commenting that the focus on Revenue Applications brings fresh insight to a variety of related topics, most especially DevOps.  Or as the posting says, enterprises must properly organize themselves, adopt the necessary tooling and set the right goals to succeed in this brave new world.

What brave new world is that?  The one that has crept up on us, where industry after industry now markets themselves to consumers via the wonders of their RevApps. File an insurance claim? Check in for a flight? Deposit a check? Shop for groceries? All via RevApps.  These B2C examples can be equally matched in most B2B industries.

The reality of living and dying based on the success of RevApps is driving a bifurcation in IT organizations, new process models within RevApp IT and the adoption of new tool chains.  That last is where Serena generates our revenue, but we’re also a participant in the community that is defining the new organizational and process models.  To that end, I’m pleased that the Evolution of RevApps is making a contribution.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.  The top #DevOpsLove letter is

You had me at Release Management.

Congrats to its creator, @jdnorthwest, who wins a $150 US AmEx gift card, a bottle of California Champagne and a box of Ghirardelli chocolates to go with the bubbly.

The first runner-up #DevOpsLove letter is

Dev seeks Ops – Lean and agile, partnership of equals, merging makes life worthwhile.

Congrats to @PiaAdolphsen, who wins a $100 AmEx gift card.

Last but not least is the second runner-up #DevOpsLove letter.

Dev, Love means never having to say you’re sorry…to the Help Desk after 10,000 unnecessary calls, Ops

Congrats to the prolific poet of IT, @Kaizeneer, who wins a $50 AmEx gift card.

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While the Agile revolution isn’t done yet, the methodology is rather widely adopted now in development organizations.  This is especially true when what are being developed are Revenue Applications, apps that are directly used by customers in the course of business.

The game changer for winning the RevApp race has thus moved downstream to Change & Release Management.  Efficiently capturing Change Requests, triaging those CRs, routing and fulfilling them are part of the solution.  So is automating  deployments of both application and operational changes.  Fail at this and it doesn’t matter how agile your dev is.

The good news is that new tools and orchestration systems are available to enable you to wildly succeed at CR Management.  And now Serena is making available a webinar to explain the thought process you’ll want to understand to underpin that wild success.

On March 19th, Forrester Research Analyst Glenn O’Donnell will reveal 5 Simple Steps to Improving Change and Release Management Now.  He will focus on five actions for success:

  1. Standardizing processes
  2. Revamping the CAB
  3. Packaging releases
  4. Automating changes and releases
  5. Altering incentives

Be sure to tune in on March 19th. We’ll also provide you with a 10-minute tour of how Serena’s software can help you streamline your change and release management processes.

Well, more than midway.  But isn’t that how it goes in a love affair, we forget the passage of time, besotted with thoughts of the other.  Or something like that.

Actually there is one week left in the three week #DevOpsLove contest and the competition is hot and heavy, so to speak.

Here are three of my faves.

  • Dev, Love means never having to say you’re sorry…to the Help Desk after 10,000 unnecessary calls, Ops – @Kaizeneer
  • Dear John, I’ve met someone. They know my needs, they continuously deliver, always on time. And they’re Agile! ‘Bye old life. – @KevinParkerUSA
  • Lets lets stay 2gether, loving u whether,whether times r good or bad,happy or sad ohh #Dev & #Ops 2gether 4ever!- @Krissy_r

Love how that last brings in some Al Green.  Love and soul, baby.  And DevOps.  Lots of DevOps.

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We premiered our latest video in front of 1,500 people this week at the Pink13 conference.  You never know how these things will be received until they air, especially when they’re supposed to be funny.  I like to think I know funny, but I’m darn sure I know laughter, and I’m pleased to report that the Change & Release Dino video triggered uproarious laughter from the assembled throng.

The laughter was so strong at the end that it obscured the video’s tagline, which is that Serena is your solution when you need to go from request-to-release in less than an eon.  And that’s no joke.

We at Serena Software are especially fond of how modern IT organizations have evolved to support externally-facing, revenue generating applications. Our latest Twitter contest idea was spawned by our own team but also inspired by the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentines Day.

There are three players in the triangle that is today’s product-focused IT orgs: Dev, Ops and DevOps. These teams all work closely together and play integral roles, but such as with any relationship comes those triumphs and infatuation also some times frustrations and lows. For example, sometimes Dev is especially appreciative of Ops’ ability to solve service problems, and on the flip side, sometimes Ops isn’t so happy with Dev’s inability to deliver on deployment. So today we are launching a Twitter love letter contest to showcase those high and low feelings between, Dev, Ops and DevOps to one another.

Now it’s your turn. The three-week-long DevOps Love Letter contest is a chance to use Twitter and your imagination to get creative, have fun and win great prizes, such as a $150 US AmEx gift card, bottle of California Champagne and a box of Ghirardelli chocolates. Three winners will be chosen with second place receiving a $100 AmEx gift card and third, a $50 AmEx gift card.

The contest kicks off Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 12:01am ET and ends Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

To be a part of this contest, write and submit a Tweetable love letter in the well known 140 characters or less.  Make it from the perspective of Dev, Ops or DevOps, tell why one of the others means so much to you. All entries must be submitted via Twitter to @SerenaSoftware, and include the hash tag #DevOpsLove.

Sometimes love turns sour however.  So feel free to write spurned love letters as well.  Keep in mind that humor is one of the judging criteria.

For example:

@SerenaSoftware Ops, I love your communication and our collaboration. Love, Dev. #BestFriendsForever #DevOpsLove

@SerenaSoftware Dev – nice code. Love, Ops #MatchMadeInHeaven #DevOpsLove

@SerenaSoftware You are the only ops in my eyes #DevOpsLove #loveatfirstsight #oneandonly

A panel of judges will select a winner based on creativity, humor, relevance and frequency of submissions. The winner will be announced via Twitter on March 11, 2013.

For official rules and prize information, please visit: http://ser.so/DevOpsLove

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